Sunday, January 19, 2014

 This is the first book in a fantasy/science fiction series that will include short stories and novellas that all have something to do with Nikola Tesla, his life, his ideas, his relationships, and his inventions and gifts to humanity. In a modern tongue-in-cheek Mark Twain-like humorous style, PanOrpheus brings his characters, The Delphic Oracles, Pythagoras and others in their intervention team into the modern world, to the future, and back to ancient times You'll meet Phoebe, the Oracle in 'Peruvian Soup'. Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower will be built in 1969 in 'The Tower in the Wind'; and you'll meet Edison in 'Edison goes over to the Dark Side'. You'll also meet Androids, 1960's Rock Stars, a Peruvian High Priest, Morrigan the financier and many others in Panorpheus' world of characters in a 'Peruvian Soup' of Altered History, humor, Ancient Mysteries, and modern angst. Available in the paperback and Kindle versions from Amazon.

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